We’re in San Diego, very close to SDSU, not too far from La Mesa. We invite all artists to consider us when they think about looking for studio space. Private, secure, 4,000 sf studio space, 24/7 access, plus amenities.

Previously named Out of the Blue Design Studio and founded by Duane Bartok and other alumni of SDSU’s Furniture Design program over 15 years ago, in 2010 we started a new partnership, changed the name to Studio 6608, and continued the mission of serving woodworkers and artists in the College Area, near SDSU.

With over 4,500SF the studio is set up primarily for woodworking though the studio is also host to or has hosted interior designers, public-art artists, audio/visual artists, and electronic wizards.

Today Studio 6608 is owned and operated by Xavier Vasquez. and currently is home to 8 other incredibly talented woodworking.

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By appointment only.

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